The Love Priestess womens private coaching and online programs you are worthy of soulmate love with passion sensuality and ecstasy

I believe every single part of you is divine and worthy of love.


Sex is sacred, and our most intimate relationships offer us our greatest healing and growth, and on this planet of over a billion people, I believe there is a special someone for everyone.

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My advanced programs for the feminine woman focus on her initiation and embodiment through self-love, relationship healing, trauma integration, health, nutrition, dance, and surrender so that she can deepen into inner union with the masculine. 


Our relationship with the masculine is where most of our unconscious wounds lie that block us from our ability to receive and invite in our soulmate.  These wounds are why we feel unsafe in our nervous system and body, unsafe in our femininity, and unsafe to feel open. 


As a feminine woman, your success in love and life comes from your feminine beingness - how safe you feel to receive, how your nervous system handles the ups and downs of life without crashing, the openness of your heart and womb, and the expression of your feminine soul. 

I can help you revive your relationships and sex life by creating new stories around dating, sex, and relationships, so you can live a  life of passion, sensuality, and ecstasy.

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In our private coaching sessions, we create ritual space where I believe in empowering you deeply by honoring you as the sovereign being and wise soul that you truly are while serving you with profound compassion as you are given safe space to explore intimate and personal subjects.





Learning how to listen to your body and intuition instead of your anxiety.

Exploring your patterns from childhood  that are running your relationships and sex life and learning how to change them.

The amount of energy you’ll have when you aren’t suppressing your heavy emotions because you are allowing yourself to fully feel everything.

Feeling excited about meeting new people and going on dates.

Living a life oozing passion, sensuality, and ecstasy.

A deep, soulful love with someone who adores and loves all of you.

Feeling safe to vulnerably express yourself, your needs, your fears, and your desires with no expectation. 

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Conscious Dating

For single women who want to break their old patterns, so they can date like a Queen from a place of authenticity, self-worth, & self-love, and magnetize soulmate-level partnership

7 Weeks To Soulmate Love

Seven-week initiation for  modern women to unveil and embrace their feminine energy and magnetize soulmate love


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     The Love Priestess



I believe that relationships are soul work and love is the North Star.

Feeling Good is our Compass as we embark on this journey toward true love. 

My programs and online courses are designed with Love and the Highest Good as my North Star. My mission is to bring women and men together to heal wounds, sexual shame, and unhealthy conditioning, so they don't feel as if they have to settle for love, hide who they really are, and continue breaking their own heart. 

Together we will identify core patterns, embrace pleasure and self-care, learn vulnerable communication and conscious dating, so that you can thrive in healthy relationships while weaving spirituality with sexuality. 

Don't let your desire for love be used against you. 

Ultimate Freedom is in Perfect and Fearless Love.

My coaching encompasses all facets of sex and intimacy, and my transmission is compassionate, loving and accepting.  

If you are ready to experience the love life you've been longing for, apply now for private coaching with me. 


xoxo, Catherine

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Deep, Soul-level transformational work 

You must be ready for your story to change forever

We will use somatic healing to regulate your nervous system and break old patterns.

We will do inner child work to explore the relationship between you and your primary caregivers and how that impacts your dating, sex life, and relationships today.

We will explore your Shadow Self, Lost Self, and False Self, and how they trigger you in sex, love, and relationships, and learn how to embrace your shadow, so you can show up as your best self in relationships.

You will be provided homework and practices to do at home between coaching sessions.

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"For the most part, how we operate is not who we really are because who we think we are is actually us operating through this lens of wounding. 


I have lived and loved through the lens of my wounds. I was hiding behind a mask.  People pleasing and performing just like I learned to do as a little girl, and what I thought was a loyal, kind, supportive girlfriend and wife was actually doormat behavior. 


If I look at my past behavior through the self awareness I have today, I wasn’t being kind or thoughtful. I was trying to not be abandoned.  I was trying not to lose love.  It wasn’t loving and kind for me and it wasn’t loving and kind for my partner.  It was manipulative, controlling behavior that I was unconsciously doing to “stay safe.” 


I was so out of control that it took a lot of inner work to find myself under everything that wasn’t really me." - Catherine, The Love Priestess

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