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If you're tired of feeling stuck in old patterns, longing for deeper connection, or simply craving a more fulfilling relationship, then take my hand and let's begin this adventure together.

Together, we'll rewrite the script of your love story and create a masterpiece of intimacy and connection that will leave you breathless.

Are you ready to say "yes" to love in its most expansive form? Then let's dive in and discover the magic of true intimacy together.

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My intention is to help you have the best relationship of your life.


A soul-fulfilling relationship where you and your partner feel deeply connected, deeply loved, and deeply fulfilled in your relationship.


The relationship that you’ve always wanted, but have never been able to achieve.


A relationship where it feels you can conquer anything together, because you know that no matter what happens, you will always be there for each other.


A relationship where the two of you spend less time arguing and more time connecting.


A relationship where it’s possible to talk about anything and everything without it turning into a fight or pulling away from each other.


And most importantly... a relationship where you both feel confident about yourselves so that there’s no doubt that this relationship is going anywhere but up!

I help couples rewrite their love story, release shame, build that deeper intimacy they're looking for, and more, all while creating an epic sexual relationship!

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In our private coaching sessions, we create ritual space where I believe in empowering you deeply by honoring you as the sovereign being and wise soul that you truly are while serving you with profound compassion as you are given safe space to explore intimate and personal subjects.

You’re here because you want to feel closer to your partner. 


There’s no doubt about it. Our relationships affect us deeply. They can make us feel loved, happy and safe. Or they can cause us to feel trapped, anxious or depressed.

Our intimate relationships are one of the primary ways we experience love in this world. And because they give us such powerful emotions, they also offer a chance to heal our deepest wounds that may have been causing us pain for many years.

I've helped couples transform their relationship into a source of deep connection, passion and intimacy. I’ve also helped countless singles find their true voice and create fulfilling relationships with themselves.

And I can help you too!

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Perhaps you feel like you have a great relationship, but you still crave more intimacy.

Or maybe it feels like your relationship is already at its best, but there are things that are getting in the way of the love and connection you want.

Maybe you feel like something is missing in your relationship, or that there must be something wrong with you because it feels so hard to connect with your partner at times. 

You may even be wondering if your relationship will ever feel truly fulfilling or if it's worth all the effort.

You're not alone. When I work with couples, I hear many of these same concerns over and over again. The good news is that there are solutions for every one of these situations!

I understand what it's like to want more from your relationship, especially when all this "stuff" gets in the way of having what it takes to make things better. I've been there myself. If you're ready to transform your relationship or leave a toxic one, I can help. 

As a Love and Intimacy coach, I support couples and individuals to create thriving, loving, and deeply connected relationships.

No matter where you are in your relationship, working with me will support you in creating healthy, fulfilling, and thriving relationships where you can safely grow together in love.

My methodology is founded upon principles from trauma informed attachment theory, neurobiology, tantric philosophy and a holistic approach to creating loving and deeply connected relationships full of soulmate love and divine intimacy.

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Learn How to Self-Soothe

Understand What it means to Love Consciously

Explore Practices to vulnerably express your truth and needs within your relationship

Create deep love and intimacy

Change your stories around your sex life and relationship and re-ignite the sparks and romance you once shared

Explore the Deeper, Sacred Levels of Intimacy

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Couple’s Coaching with Catherine is for you if:


✧ You’re a couple who wants to explore your relationship in an open and honest way. 

✧ You want to go deep, face the hard stuff and find new ways to connect with each other 

✧ You want to feel like you’re falling in love all over again.

✧ You believe there is more than one way of being with another person, and that each person has their own unique needs and desires. 

✧ You also believe that intimacy is more than just sex

✧ You both want a deep connection that allows you to be yourself together without fear or shame.

✧ You are ready to heal any wounds from the past that have kept you stuck in old patterns

✧ You are ready to do the inner work and create a new life together where your relationship is nourished and supported by both of you.

✧ You want to feel safe enough with each other so that you can explore all the things that truly turn each of you on!


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Deep Dive Into Desire 

For couples who are ready to begin opening themselves up to each other and desiring to feel more free and confident within their relationship.


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     The Love Priestess



Hi, I’m Catherine.

I’m a trauma-informed certified sex, love, and relationship coach who can help you discover how to have better sex, build intimacy, and heal your core relationship wounds.

I work with couples who want to overcome their challenges and create a fulfilling loving and sexual relationship together.

I have worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life, helping them overcome their challenges in sex, love, and relationships. As a love and intimacy coach who specializes in weaving spirituality with sexuality, I focus on building intimacy and communication skills so couples can deepen their connection and find true happiness together.

We all deserve to be happy in our relationships and we all deserve great sex!

If you would like more pleasure and passion in your life please contact me for an initial consultation and schedule time for us to connect.

There is nothing more precious in life than your relationship. You need to nourish it for it to grow. Without love and care, it will wither away and die like every living thing on this planet.

Investing in yourself, your partner, and your relationship is the most beautiful gift you can give to each other.

 When you Make Love you Fill the World with Love.


xoxo, Catherine

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Deep, Soul-level transformational work 

You must be ready for your story to change forever

We will use somatic healing to regulate your nervous system and break old patterns.

We will do inner child work to explore the relationship between you and your primary caregivers and how that impacts your dating, sex life, and relationships today.

We will explore your Shadow Self, Lost Self, and False Self, and how they trigger you in sex, love, and relationships, and learn how to embrace your shadow, so you can show up as your best self in relationships.

You will be provided homework and practices to do at home between coaching sessions.

Learn About The Love Priestess™ Method

Love Notes ♥︎


T & T (Two Leos in Love)

"Hi Catherine, we are in gratitude for the opportunity to have you guide us yesterday. It led to a deeper opening and intimacy in our relationship. This weekend there were many (good)tears, laughter, and conversation. I felt our hearts were opened. 

You were great at holding that space for us and letting us go on our own at the end.

We are definitely wanting to explore Sacred Sexuality together and continue to have sessions with you."

Jonny, Minnesota

"Catherine is fantastic! I really got a lot of value during our time together. Prior to working with Catherine, sex was an area in my life that caused considerable discomfort and I still had quite a bit of insecurity around. One of my goals during my coaching with Catherine was to connect more to my confidence and feel a greater sense of freedom with my relationship to my sexuality and to sex. Catherine has such a warm, compassionate, accepting way about her and she is so comfortable talking about sex that it makes it really easy to explore these topics in detail and do it in a way where I knew it was safe to do so. As a result of our coaching, I really can say my confidence grew and a sense of freedom with my sexuality grew a lot. Now sex is more enjoyable, it's more fun, it's deeper, there is more connection, and I'm having more of it as a result. It really was super valuable and I'm so grateful for my time spent with Catherine. I definitely recommend her for anyone seeking to deepen their relationship to their sexuality and find more enjoyment with sex and release any negative emotions or associations you might have around sex."

Elsie S., Minnesota

"I gained a lot from my coaching with Catherine. She created a really safe space for me to talk about sex, intimacy, and how I can better connect with myself and my husband. Catherine is very intuitive, knowledgable, and skilled in guiding her clients to their own truth around their sexuality and desires. I strongly recommend working with her!"

Dean P., Minneapolis

"Catherine is a delight! The atmosphere of safety, curiosity, growth, enthusiasm, and positivity she creates was immediately apparent when we met, and it always stayed strong. She's a wonderful guide for exploring yourself, what your sexuality means to you, and how to transform it into what you want."

Lillian, London

"Receiving tantric sex coaching from Catherine felt comfortable and relaxed.  Catherine’s guidance was very clear and understandable and I really enjoyed our sessions.  I would encourage people who are new to Tantra to try it with Catherine.  She creates a really fun and light, nonjudgmental space to explore in."


frequently asked questions


"Your relationship is a reflection of you. Like a mirror, your partner can show you what you are unable to see on your own. 


When you have an intimate partnership, it’s like two mini kingdoms where you get to create a new empire together. It’s a place where both people are committed to each other and taking care of each other and the empire (relationship) they are building together.


It’s also a place where both people are healing and doing their inner work individually: nurturing and growing their own individual kingdoms. 


I believe that every couple has the potential to create an amazing love story that lasts a lifetime!


I know this because I’ve seen it happen time and again with my clients and all who are nearest and dearest to me!" - Catherine, The Love Priestess

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