My Soul-led Intuitive and Embodied Coaching Method is Rooted in Ancient Tradition and Modern Science. You Can Say I Create Practical Magic!



My Soul-led Intuitive and Embodied Coaching Method is Rooted in Ancient Tradition and Modern Science. You Can Say I Create Practical Magic!


✧ Supports men and women to succeed in their desires for deep love and intimacy by helping them heal from heartbreak and revive their intimate relationships by transforming their stories around dating, sex, love, and relationships.

✧ Merges spirituality, feminine embodiment, sensuality, and mystical practices from ancient traditions with modern science.

✧ Tantric Approach to Sex, Love, and Relationships.

✧ Trauma-informed on the most up-to-date approaches for healing trauma and the nervous system. 

Catherine’s unique transformational process includes empowering you deeply while serving you with profound compassion as you are given a safe space to uncover and explore intimate and personal experiences.

This includes powerful holistic tools of breath, sound, movement, meditation, pleasure, and energy awareness to awaken, expand, and elevate...

Your radiant feminine energy so that you magnetize and align with your soulmate partner!
Your capacity to love and grow together in your relationship!
Ecstatic sexual experiences that feel as if you are touching heaven…because you are!

In our private coaching sessions,  love is the key to effective transformation in sex, love, and relationships. We create an intention and sacred space for your love and intimacy goals, celebrate your wins, and explore your inner blocks, struggles, and relationship challenges, and then meet, heal and integrate with acceptance and love.



Love has the incredible ability to awaken us and elevate our energetic frequency, yet many of us carry deep emotional wounds that hold us back. These wounds often keep us trapped in fear, preventing us from fully embracing love and experiencing the intimacy we long for.

Fortunately, there is a path to healing and opening ourselves up to love. It begins with the essential practice of inner work. By engaging in this personal journey, we create a safe space within ourselves, allowing us to dismantle the walls that have been blocking us.

Through inner work, we can transmute our wounds and liberate ourselves from their grip. This process empowers us to tap into our higher consciousness and discover our own truth. As we do so, new opportunities and pathways present themselves, leading us to transformative experiences and portals to personal growth.

However, the key lies in letting go of our defenses, laying down our swords, and shedding our protective armor. Only then can we truly open our hearts and invite love to enter our lives.

I invite you to take your first step with me on this transformative journey of inner work and discover the boundless potential that awaits you when you embrace love and authenticity. Join me in unlocking the doors and entering a new portal to personal transformation and the fulfillment of your deepest desires.

I believe every single part of you is divine and worthy of love. 


Sex is sacred, and our most intimate relationships offer us our greatest healing and growth, and on this planet of over a billion people, I believe there is a special someone for everyone. 

I'm Ready!


My soul's purpose and life’s work is to help break down barriers to love and intimacy by healing emotional defenses. My approach involves harnessing my innate ability to understand and guide others in navigating the intricacies of love, igniting their passion, and supporting fulfilling relationships.  I am here in service to others through devotion to sacred work in love and intimacy.  My method includes healing the witch wound, the sister wound, and helping women feel beautiful, desirable, and worthy of the sex, love, and relationships they truly desire.  I implement this through love and  weaving spirituality with sexuality merging western and eastern traditions and wisdom. 

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Why I'm Qualified To Help You:


I'm a Trauma-Informed Certified VITA™ Coach in Sex, Love and Relationships, Conscious Dating, and Tantric Sex with The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

I weave Spirituality with Sexuality in love, sex, dating, and relationships with a vital and integrated tantric approach. This coaching method is a tantric, intuitive, and scientific approach to Sex, Love, and Relationships. 

I have studied and coached with Layla Martin and other elite leaders in the niche of sex, love and relationships, health and wellness, tantric sex, and conscious dating. I have also been through this journey of love, heartbreak, and back again. 

Whether you’re new to coaching or have invested in coaching already, I can guide you to your next level in sex, love, and relationships. I can help you move past limitations and blocks and  transform how you date and communicate so that you can create and live the love life you truly desire.