Hi, I'm Catherine.


I'm a trauma-informed certified Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach and Sacred Sexuality Teacher. I help men and women understand each other and have more fulfilling relationships and sex lives. My intention is to help men and women heal from loss, heartbreak, shame and conditioning and thrive in their relationships, sex lives, and marriage.


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 I help you get clear on what you need and what you desire in love and intimacy and then we explore what is blocking you from attracting and keeping a healthy partner and relationship.


Most of us are unaware we are choosing our partners unconsciously to somehow change them or heal them when the only person you can change or heal is YOU!


Doing your own personal development work and investing in your own healing and growth is how you take your personal power back. 


This is the only way you can break free from the seemingly never ending cycle of dysfunctional relationships and dating the same types of unhealthy partners. 


Until you break free, the hurt parts within you will continue to break hearts (including your own). 


I’m dedicating my life to healing as many broken hearts as I can to make dating and relationships safer and more loving for everyone. 


I do this by merging western and eastern spiritual practices with modern science. 


I believe everyone has their own Luxurious Love Story within them ready to blossom.


Unfortunately, many of us haven’t been taught or modeled how to nurture love, have healthy relationships or connected, meaningful sex, and because of this  our relationships either wither and die on the vine or never bloom at all.


If you are ready to break free of the protective walls surrounding your heart or your womb, I invite you to discover with me how to return to divine union and eternal love. 


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a few fiercely feminine fun facts about me:



Soulmate Love found me on the dance floor.


I love dancing, beautiful water, and romantic love stories.


I became pregnant with my first daughter after learning how to belly dance.


I love tantra because it offers a path to spiritual growth and deep intimacy.

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I help my clients Rewrite their own unique Love Story whether they are in a relationship, looking for one, or leaving one by...

01 Meeting their shadow
02 Elevating their energy
03 Expanding their capacity to love

Your Conscious Mind is very intelligent but it needs the Power of the Unconscious Mind (your Shadow Self) behind it. I guide you to meet your Shadow, the mysterious and powerful part of you that is creating your reality and blocking you from what you want in love. 


Then, I will provide you with the transformational tools and practices that elevate your energy and expand your capacity to love, so that you can create the love and intimacy you truly desire.


Love grows by practice, being present, and providing for it. Love is alive, so it must be cared for or it will shrivel on the vine. You have the choice to grow together with your partner or grow apart.


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I am happy to share how I have been working with clients from around the world!



I have helped women, men, and couples including professionals, housewives, widows, single moms and dads, doctors, engineers, authors, yoga teachers, coaches, entertainers, soccer moms and dance moms, single moms, newly divorced and contemplating divorce, newly engaged, and beautiful women who were never married but longing for commitment - and I'd love to help you too!  

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Are you ready to be the Hero or Heroine of your own Luxurious Love Story? 


If you are 100% committed, I will guide you to your next level in your marriage, dating or relationship by helping you move past limitations and blocks with meditation and somatic practices that will help you transform how you date and communicate and what and who you attract, so that you can create and live the love life you truly desire.

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