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Are you a modern, ambitious professional woman who desires an extraordinary love connection?


Welcome to a transformative journey designed exclusively for single women like you.

Hello, Beautiful Soul.

Ignite the fire within.

Are you a woman yearning for a profound, fulfilling love that transcends the ordinary?

Leave behind past pain and barriers. Rise into Sacred Union. Experience Divine Love. Fulfill your dreams in a partnership that nourishes your soul.

Discover the key to becoming an energetic match for soulmate love and a sacred union.

No more chasing what you don't want. Align and attract the love you desire.

Become the woman healthy men adore, protect, and provide for.

Thriving and safety await. Are you ready?

When you know who you are and trust in that knowledge, you can stop chasing and pursuing what you don’t want in romance and relationships and start aligning and attracting with what you do want in love and relationships. 

You are naturally magnetic to whatever you desire when you are in your healthy feminine energy.

Upgrade your Love Life and Call in Your True Love with this potent inner work that focuses on self-love and becoming an energetic match for Healthy Masculine Men and Ravishing Romance.


"You don't find Love.  It finds you.  It's got a little bit to do with Destiny, Fate, and what's written in the Stars." - Anais Nin ✧.*

Enhance Your Feminine Radiance


This Program will empower you to embody the essence of True Love, drawing it effortlessly into your life. Whether you seek to attract your soulmate or enhance the depth and transformation of your existing relationship, you will discover the secrets to becoming a magnetic force of love.

Embrace True Love and Deep Commitment


Unlock the secrets to finding lasting love and experience a soulmate connection that transcends boundaries. This immersive program is tailored to elevate your dating experience, empower your feminine energy, and attract the love you truly deserve. Say goodbye to mediocre connections and embrace a deep, soulful romance.

Elevate Your Love Life, Elevate Your World


Through our seven-week journey, you'll embark on a profound exploration of self-discovery, connection, and conscious dating. A certified conscious dating coach will provide personalized guidance, empowering you to embrace your authentic self and radiate confidence. Gain the tools to navigate the modern dating landscape with grace, while aligning your heart and mind for lasting love.

The Benefits of

seven weeks to soulmate love


Transform Your Approach: Unleash your inner radiance and attract a partner who matches your frequency.

Embrace Authenticity: Discover your unique strengths and embrace vulnerability to create genuine connections.

Nurture Your Feminine Energy: Learn to embody your feminine power and magnetize love effortlessly.

Effortless Dating Strategies: Navigate modern dating with ease and establish meaningful connections.

Break Free from Patterns: Identify and release self-sabotaging behaviors that hinder true love.

Manifest Your Soulmate: Master the art of manifestation and call in the love you truly desire.

Elevate Consciousness: Experience personal growth and expand your worldview through love.

Does this sound like you?


➳  You no longer want to settle for anything less than you deserve.

➳  You want to experience the feeling of being truly held, desired, seen, cherished, and supported in a relationship.

➳  You are ready to embrace your authentic, Divine Feminine essence and feel like a confident, empowered woman with your partner.

➳  You want to call in a conscious man who matches your caliber and understands your true worth as a woman.

7 Weeks to Soulmate Love is for you if you desire to... 


➳  Say "yes" to your heart's desires and commit to the transformative work, allowing yourself to heal and elevate yourself and your love life


➳  Manifest a Sacred Union that brings together love, passion, and deep connection


➳  Discover the secrets to becoming a magnet for true love and creating the fulfilling relationship you've always wanted

Introducing the 7-Weeks to Soulmate Love private coaching package with Catherine, designed to elevate your love life, relationship, and magnetize your true love.


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Here's what you'll receive:


This 7-week private coaching program includes:

✧  7 One-Hour Coaching Sessions with Catherine via Zoom:
- Personalized coaching tailored to your specific love and intimacy needs.
- Choose weekly or bi-weekly sessions for ongoing support and guidance.


✧  Customized Homework and Practices:
- Transformative tantric practices and assignments to deepen your understanding and integration.
- Journal prompts to capture your progress and insights along the way.


✧  Guided Audio Morning and Evening Meditations:
- Powerful visualizations to anchor your intentions and amplify your manifestation journey.
- Experience profound shifts as you align with your true desires.


✧  Bonus Emergency Session Option:
- An additional emergency coaching session will be available for $350 during the active period of your coaching package.
- Gain extra support and guidance when you need it most. 


I meticulously curate all of my private coaching packages to cater to the distinct and individual needs of my clients. I understand that each person's journey in love is unique, and I am dedicated to providing personalized guidance and support that aligns perfectly with your requirements. Your satisfaction and transformation are at the heart of everything I do, and I am committed to crafting a coaching experience that is tailored to your specific desires and aspirations in love and relationship. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey that will empower you to create the love and relationship you truly deserve.


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Each week of the program is dedicated to a specific focus, guiding you toward your Soulmate Love:


Week 1: Creating Space and Inviting Your Soulmate in

- Embrace practices to open your heart and welcome your soulmate

Week 2: Self-Love and Your Soulmate Love Story
- Clear past wounds, create a fresh start, and align with your authentic desires.

Week 3: Creating Flow & Awakening Receptivity
- Release energy from past lovers, awaken your divine feminine receptivity, and restore balance.

Week 4: Nurturing Your Erotic Heart + Gaining Clarity
Nurture your erotic heart with Sex Magic practices and balance your inner masculine and feminine energies.

Week 5: Priestess Power and Magic
- Master next-level communication, establish sacred boundaries, and tap into your own priestess power.

Weeks 6-7: Embody your inner goddess and radiate magnetic energy to attract soulmate connections.
- Discover feminine secrets that have worked for Catherine and her students. 


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The Love Priestess


I am a trauma-informed certified sex, love, and relationship coach who believes  that relationships are a soul work journey and love is the North Star.

Feeling Good is our Compass as we embark on this journey toward true love. 

My programs and online courses are designed with Love and the Highest Good as my North Star. My mission is to bring women and men together to heal wounds, sexual shame, and unhealthy conditioning, so they don't feel as if they have to settle for love, hide who they really are, and continue breaking their own heart. 

Together we will identify core patterns, embrace pleasure and self-care, learn vulnerable communication and conscious dating, so that you can thrive in healthy relationships while weaving spirituality with sexuality. 

Don't let your desire for love be used against you. 

Ultimate Freedom is in Perfect and Fearless Love.

My coaching encompasses all aspects of sex and intimacy, and my transmission is embodying, loving and accepting.  

If you are ready to experience the love life you've been longing for, apply now for private coaching with me.  

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Take your first step on this transformative journey with Catherine and unlock the secrets to magnetizing your True Love and Soulmate Level Partnership. Together, you will elevate your relationship and align with the power of Divine Love.


Are you ready to experience the love and bliss you are worthy and deserving of as a child of the Divine?


7 Weeks to Soulmate Love

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  • 7 remote 1:1 coaching sessions with Catherine via Zoom
  • Customized Homework That Will Change Your Life
  • Guided Audio Meditations
  • Tantric Practices

If you are ready to feel more attractive, sensual, and magnetic, this is the portal for you.

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